against-meAgainst Me! is one of the truest punk bands operating today. Meaning that they are activists and ask plenty of questions through their music. With their last album it was about lead singer Laura Jane Grace coming out as a trans woman and now they delve deeper into that issue plus other American political questions. The personal is definitely political on Shape Shift With Me. On one track the subject might be love and heartbreak while the next one will be criticizing how the U.S. has become a country in which the citizens are monitored by their government. No matter the subject, however, the lyrics are witty and cutting while the music is heavy hitting and filled with ear catching riffs. Lyrically this band writes some of the best in all of music today. The juxtaposition of vulnerable with cutting really rams home the points they are trying to make. Shapeshifting is in the album title and within the tracks as there is punk, pop and softer sounds. While it is overall a solid effort there is no debate that the second half of the album is stronger.