despicable-me-presents-minion-madnessThree short length films starring those crazy yellow things that made their first appearance in the Despicable Me film.


Orientation Day: It is Orientation Day for new minions. In order to become Gru’s workers the three newbies have to undergo some training.


Home Makeover: Gru has gone away and so Margo, Edith and Agnes gather some other minions in an attempt to make their home more family-friendly before a visit from a social worker.


Banana: A real melee breaks out over lunch regarding the minions favourite fruit after one of them finds a banana in his lunch bag.


Kids love the minions. Adults can find them a little grating. Nevermind that as the minion films here are aimed at youngsters. The short length is also good for the really young ones as they won’t get all fidgety. Only a couple of minutes each for a total of twelve minutes. You have to judge whether it is worth buying for such little content.


The games (special features) are really fun for kids.


Special Features:

-Super Silly Fun Land Games: Feed the Creatures, Tin Can Alley, Freeze the Minions

-Digital Copy