midsomer-murders-series-18The novels of Caroline Graham are the basis of this British murder mystery series which has aired since 1997. It is the same solid writing and oddball British characters from a small village you would expect if you have read the novels. Loads of dry wit and some surprisingly sinister stuff goes on. It all equals a lot of fun.


Despite the fact that the villages involved here seem like prototypical sleepy hubs they are anything but judging from the amount of murders that occur. Series 18 does have a more modern feel to it than ones from the past though it still is as easy to digest as always. All six murders from Series 18 are included here. Suitable for entire family (though youngsters won’t really be interested) as there is no language, sex, violence or gore involved.


Midsomer County is a busy place. That is for a veteran DCI John Barnaby (played by Neil Dudgeon) and his younger sergeant Charlie Nelson (played by Gwilym Lee). It seems like they always have a murder on their plates to keep them busy. This series involves a man being trampled by a race horse, a wealthy landowner meeting an untimely end, a forest ranger dying in odd fashion, a winning cyclist being murdered, an archaeological dig uncovering a body and the opening of a park being marred by a body.


Special Features:

-Photos Gallery

-Behind the Scenes Footage

-Kam & Nelson Introducing Midsomer’s New Pathologist

-Episode Trailers