Being a monster has never been an easy burden. For most of their existence monsters have had to live in hiding. They would be in real danger if humans got wind of them. The younger generation of monsters dreamed of a place where they could be together and live without fear.


Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derryberry), the daughter of Dracula, and her friends come up with the idea of creating a school where all young monsters can attend and be safe. No judging would happen and everyone was accepted for who they are. To make their dream into reality Draculaura and her friends travel around the world looking for students to populate such a school.


It is a great idea, but not without its problems. Problems from within. A zombie, who is not such a nice one, begins causing trouble instead of celebrating the creation of Monster High. Now the young monsters once again fear that what they are will be revealed. It is up to them to stop the zombie and save their school.


monster-high-welcome-to-monster-highSometimes it is best to leave well enough alone. By that I mean Monster High has been a popular franchise and now they have decided to go with a little different look. It is not great and was working the way it was. On top of that they have gone in a completely different and odd direction with the story. Doesn’t really work either. Plus some of the more popular monsters are nowhere to be found.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Ever After High Special