Sex With Strangers – Discourse

sex-with-strangers-discourseThe first thing you notice about this Vancouver band is the name. It certainly is an attention grabber. After that initial hmmmm you move on to the reason you are there…the music. They have been together eight years and this is already their sixth album meaning that they churn out music very quickly. No writer’s block for this band. Actually if you are familiar with what came before you would recognize that the song writing is only getting better. Another distinctive element of the band is the girl-guy lead vocals. Both Hugh Benedict and Shevaughn Ruley take on the lead vocals duties. Along with the improving song lyrics another change is the band’s sound. They have distanced themselves from the pop music they leaned towards in the past for a more synth laden new wave sound on Discourse. There is totally an Eighties things going on here. First single off the album is “Gift of Fear” which is a darker sounding track backed by loads of layered synths. The album will be available for purchase as of October 18th. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

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