howard-lovecraft-and-the-frozen-kingdomBased on the graphic novel series there are plenty of ups and downs with this the first installment of a possible three. The story itself is great with plenty of chills and thrills. It, however, does not have the impact it could because the visuals or animation is rather weak. Looking rather archaic, actually.


The young Howard Lovecraft (voiced by Kiefer O’Reilly) visits his father (voiced by Tyler Nicol) in the Arkham Sanitarium. Winfield has been driving mad by something he has done. He is fearful and paranoid. Father begs son to destroy a book he wrote that he says he never should have.


Once home the curiousity overcomes him and Howard begins reading the book. The renowned Necronomicon which opens a portal to a strange world called R’yleh. This world is a frozen world inhabited by frightening creatures.


After nearly being eaten by a creature named Thu Thu Hmong, who Howard ends up calling Spot, the young boy is pulled into one adventure after another.


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