bon-iver-22-a-millionThis guy from rural Wisconsin has had his fingerprints on plenty to do with modern day pop music. Even though he is part of the indie folk community. His debut album in 2007 For Emma, Forever Ago woke music fans to the extent of his talent. Following it up in 2011 with a self-titled more mainstream effort involving collaborations with Kanye West and James Blake. Fans have waited quite a while for his third album, 22, A Million. Now, more than ever, he has moved towards the pop world. The songs on the album are more Ed Sheeran than Pete Seeger. It involves loops, synthesizers, auto-tuned vocals and samples. Though he has chosen a road more frequently travelled still Bon Iver has managed to keep his sound unique and personal. Despite all the modern sounds there is still plenty of emotional content lyrically. That plus the inherent intimacy in Iver’s voice lends plenty of weight to the songs. There is a complexity there that you don’t often get today. Despite the depth there is a gentleness at times that is breathtaking. Mix that with loads of energy and you got a winner. All kinds of influences and flashes are there like Bowie, Stevie Nicks (actually samples her song “Wild Heart”), Frank Ocean and Bjork. A wide variety but what they have in common are they are all individuals that stand out from the crowd. Just like Bon Iver. He is an artist that keeps growing and progressing with each album released.