van-morrison-keep-me-singingHe has just turned seventy-one this year and has released his thirty-sixth studio album, Keep Me Singing. This is one curmudgeon (he is notoriously short tempered) who has kept singing despite the passing of time. The album is made up of thirteen tracks – twelve originals and one cover – that demonstrate he still has it going on. It is not an overstatement to say that this is his best studio album in years. Van Morrison is a master of the blues. This is fully borne out on the cover of the blues standard “Share Your Love With Me”. Though the song has been previously done by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison’s version does not pale in comparison as the man can arrange the stuffing out of a song. He just has one of the best ears and musical sensibilities in the business. Every song has a romantic tinge to it that few could even attempt without falling over the precipice into schmaltziness. Despite his gruff reputation his music is generally warm and intimate. Other songs are resplendent with guitar hooks and harmonica. With each subsequent listen you will fall more and more in love with the album though tracks like “Killer Grooves” and “Holy Guardian Angel” will win you over immediately.