Regina Spektor – Remember Us to Life

regina-spektor-remember-us-to-lifeThere are a few artists that hang out in the overlapping world of the fringes of the music industry while at the same time making commercially appreciated songs.  Regina Spektor has slotted herself into that exclusive group since the release of her debut What We Saw From the Cheap Seats in 2012. She is at the same time unconventional and mainstream. A tricky tightrope to walk for a singer. The odd stuff comes from her lyrics. She is a master storyteller, building vivid pictures in the minds of the listeners with her songs. Just as an artist would she paints a beautiful landscape that installs itself in your mind more and more completely with each listen. It is Spektor’s melodic touch in regards to the music that brings her right back to the middle of the road. It will never sound the same or blend one song into another as yes, she tends towards piano ballads, but there are elements of rock, jazz, pop and blues infused throughout. Each song has its strong points. With “Bleeding Heart” it is the keyboards, “Small Bill$” features an electronic slant and some almost spoken word vocals and “Obsolete” sounds like something Chopin would have written. Witness an artist coming into her own.

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