Angels & Demons – Blu-ray Edition

angels-and-demonsIn the day, Dan Brown’s novels about Professor Robert Langdon and his religiously affiliated adventures were huge best sellers.  Everyone read them and talked about them around the water cooler at work.  In other words, hot, hot, hot.  The temperature has cooled off, but I am sure will be ramped up as the third film, Inferno, is about to be released.  That makes it the perfect time to revisit the previous two films in the Langdon series.


This one is the second, Angels & Demons.  It follows the familiar path of Professor Robert Langdon being brought on to help solve a mystery or save the world from mad people who are usually parts of some religiously affiliated secret group that is uber powerful.  Makes for lots of chase scenes or ones involving a race against the clock.  Tension is the name of the game and though you don’t always know (if you have not previously read the book) who is behind the dastardly deeds, you do know that in films like the that the good guys always triumph.


Symbologist Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks – Cast Away, Philadelphia) is called in by the Vatican.  He is brought to Rome after the death of the Pope and at the beginning of the next papal conclave due to a threat.  Four cardinals have already been kidnapped by a mysterious group and their lives are hanging by a thread. The Camerlengo (Ewan McGregor – Trainspotting, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) acknowledges the danger and has sent for Langdon hoping that his expertise can be of use to crack the riddles sent by the kidnappers.


Once Langdon begins the investigation, aided by scientist Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer – Munich, Man of Steel), he has only hours to come up with the answers to the riddles which will lead to the locations of the four cardinals hopefully before they are killed. On top of that the kidnappers seem to have gotten their hands on an explosive which was in part designed by Vittoria that could kill millions.


What is fun about the films in the Langdon series is that though they are fiction there is enough history to be found.  Keeps things fairly realistic.  Who hasn’t wondered about the existence of the Illuminati?  Okay, you do have to suspend belief in regards to the scale of things and that groups like this could attempt to do the things they do.  But it is a film and not a history lesson.


Another interesting part of this one is the science versus religion aspect.  Amazingly, unlike the The Da Vinci Code, this one seems to not have upset the Catholic Church.  They brushed it off as harmless.  That is probably the case because the Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon) film functions as a travel brochure for the Vatican City.


This is the type of film you watch for pure entertainment.  It is fast paced and always in motion.  The twists and turns involved with keep you interested.  If you enjoyed The Da Vinci Code then you will like this one as well.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Legacy of Langdon with First Look at Inferno

-Extended Cut Scenes

-Rome Was Not Build in a Day

-Writing Angels & Demons

-Characters in Search of the True Story

-Cern: Pushing the Frontiers of Knowledge

-Handling Props

-Angels & Demons: The Full Story

-This is an Ambigram

-Teaser Trailer

-Theatrical Trailer

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