temple-of-the-dogAt the beginning of 1991, right during the birth of the grunge movement, Temple of the Dog released their only album. This was the world’s initiation to what was going on in Seattle at the time musically. It was a shame this is all they did because the band demonstrated plenty of potential. Two of the primary elements of the band, vocalist Eddie Vedder and guitarist Mike McCready, left to became part of the huge band Pearl Jam. When you add lead  vocalist Chris Cornell into the mix and you’ve got quite a thing going. That thing has a total classic rock sound about it. Many tracks on this 2CD reissue will bring you back to Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Your head might explode when Vedder and Cornell sing together as it is an embarrassment of raspy, emotion filled voices. Origins of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. A mixture of ballads, rockers, fantastic guitar solos and ear pleasing harmonies. Disc two contains demos of the album tracks. Great listen for big fans as you can hear the songs in really rough stages. On the DVD you get a recent gathering of the group, the video for the song “Hunger Strike” and a set in Seattle in 1990.