Episode 1: It is now 1916 and World War I is going full tilt.

Episode 2: We are now in 1917 and Mr. Carson (played by Jim Carson) is having a hard time making the household run smoothly.

Episode 3: The village hospital cannot handle the number of wounded soldiers it is receiving.

Episode 4: It is now 1918 and a benefit concert is being planned for the injured soldiers.

Episode 5: Some very bad news from the front line gets to the Earl of Grantham.

Episode 6: The end of the war seems to be close and the residents of Downton Abbey are hoping that things return to normal.

downton-abbey-season-2Episode 7: We are now in 1919 and the war is over. The end of the war gives Thomas (played by Rob James-Collier) new ways to make money.

Episode 8: Both the Spanish influenza and a wedding are coming up.

Episode 9: Christmas Special: It is Christmas time and the Crawleys want to host a lavish party for everyone.

Special Features: Making of Downton Abbey, A House in History, Fashion and Uniforms, Romance in a Time of War, House to Hospital