Oasis – Be Here Now Reissued

oasis-be-here-nowWhen this album was originally released in 1997 it was forwarded as the most important release sing Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles. That despite the fact that Noel shouting from the mountaintops that he hated the album. The brothers Gallagher were never ones for modesty. Much to their shock the album was in no way as well received as (What’s the Story) Morning Glory and Definitely Maybe. It actually signalled the beginning of the end of the previously celebrated band. It was dismissed as over the top and much too self-indulgent. Now it is 2016 and they have spruced it up and released it as a 3-disc package. However, not much could have been done about its bloated nature. Songs that go on minutes too long. Though there are a couple worth the time investment like “Be Here Now”, “The Girl in the Dirty Shirt” and “It’s Getting’ Better (Man!!)”. Listening to it now makes one realize that an album like this will probably never be recorded and released again. It is a snapshot of a time and of two particular musicians. What does make this a worthwhile purchase for devout fans are the B-sides, a live version, demos and acoustic versions. Stand-outs include Noel’s partnership with the Chemical Brothers on the track “Setting Sun” and “D’you know”.

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