philip-sayce-scorched-earthA Canadian guitar whiz who is known for his crazy live performances. Philip Sayce has indicated that this is just the first in a line of live recordings to be released. Recorded in his hometown of Toronto, the show here took place at the Silver Dollar Room in April of this year. The odd thing about the album is that it has been twenty years in between releases. There are only seven tracks on the album, but because of the elevated nature of the forty minutes of music it is still a worthy purchase because of the great blues guitar playing to be found. Not to be overlooked is the skill of the two other musicians (Kiel Feher on drums and Joel Gottschalk on bass) on the album with him who lend plenty and oftentimes sound like that are in heaven going on lengthy jams. Sayce’s vocals are full of passion so that adds to the package. It really is his playing of his vintage Stratocaster that will leave a lasting impression upon your ears and heart. A prime example of this happens on “Out of My Mind”. The riffs here are mindblowing. Other tracks feature premiere playing along with great tempo changes.