Released as part of the FOX Film Noir collection, “I Wake Up Screaming” has all the required elements: murder, mystery, and melodrama! Betty Grable, Victor Mature, and Carole Landis star in this tale of love and lies.

i-wake-up-screamingAn actor, a society columnist, and a manager are together in a diner when they decide they have the power to make a star out of their beautiful back talking waitress. Seeing her chance at escaping a life of hard work and bad tips, she agrees to be part of their experiment. Soon she is the toast of the town, and when an offer comes from Hollywood, she accepts. To the dismay of her sister, and the three men who have developed a sense of ownership over her, she packs her bags. On the night she is to board the train to a new life, her dead body is found in her apartment.

What’s not to love about Film Noir; the classic one-liners, the perfect hair, the hats. This film is no exception. While I can not say I was bowled over by the plot, I can say I was entertained the whole time. The film is enriched by its good direction and pitch perfect contrast between black and white. The sound and picture quality are excellent, and (in an unusual occurrence for an old film) a deleted scene made its way to the special features.

Special Features:

-Audio commentary by film noir historian Eddie Muller