Grouplove – Big Mess

grouplove-big-messJust in time to feed your secret hipster side out comes a Grouplove album. For hipsters because they seem so cool and don’t follow current Top 40 trends. They are that community’s little musical secret. After listening to Big Mess I am beginning to think their days as a secret might be numbered. Here the band demonstrates their undeniable ability to write hooks that will stick in your head for days. Plus they have that loveable goofy side. The lyrics are intuitive but silly at the same time. Not something you come across every day. A very appealing packing. Delightful alt-pop that will have you singing and humming along. If you are a fan who has followed them along their career then nothing here should come as a surprise. It is more of the same soundwise. The album has nice pacing throughout and is made up of equal parts ballad and peppy uptempo songs. High energy tunes include “Do You Love Someone” while if you want something a little slower turn to the excellent “Enlighten Me”.

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