southern-familyInspiration can come from anywhere. Especially in the music industry. Country music producer Dave Cobb came up with the idea for this album after listening to the concept album White Mansions from back in 1978. The spine behind it is making a family oriented country album featuring a variety of different vocalists. You get Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown, Rich Robinson from The Black Crowes and Jason Isbell. The fun part of the album is that you do not have to be a country music fan to like what you hear here. Yes, there is a country lean to the sound, but it is the universality of the messages/theme that will grab your attention. With its simple sound and nod to childhood memories it will have you nostalgic for the past. Cobb furthers or deepens that message by resisting the urge (which is predominate in today’s music industry) to over produce the sound of the songs. He allows the words and voices the room to make an impact. “I Cried” by Brandy Clark is a great example of a song with sparse arrangement that cuts right to the bone. Sad song that is perfect if you are in that kind of mood. Another stand out track is the duet by Morgane and Chris Stapleton of “You Are My Sunshine”. A song you might think you are tired of until you hear this version.