Comic book dramas are the latest hot trend on television. The Flash, Gotham, Constantine, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and Supergirl are all on now and enjoying success. Another to add to the every growing pile is Daredevil.  On the big screen it was a film starring Ben Affleck. Now on the small screen Charlie Cox steps into the title role. And in almost every plausible way the is better than the big screen version.


Saying that Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) is by day different than he is at night is an understatement. An accident when he was a child left him blind. Not allowing that to keep him down, Matt has built a career as an attourney which is his day gig. At night he is a vigilante, using the heightened senses being blind has led to, trying to clean up the streets of New York City. Which is interesting because one half of him relies on the justice system while the other works against it.


Not everyone is behind Daredevil. For instance, big business mogul Wilson Fisk who is also a villain named Kingpin (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) would like him to disappear. Fisk has begun buying up all of the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York behind the veil of a shell corporation. His aim is to create “A Better Tomorrow”.


Addictive and adrenaline pumping are two things if you were making a series based on a Marvel Comic you would want to be used to describe it. Daredevil has both in spades. That is despite the fact that it tells a rather smaller tale than your usual comic book fare does. Villains here are not trying to overtake the world, rather the battle is over a neighbourhood. Makes is feel a lot more intimate. This allows the creators to cast a wider net when it comes to story. Result is a more nuanced and complex tale. Issue of justice and morality are looked at. Questions are raised about how far you have to go to defeat evil.daredevil-the-complete-first-season


Another aspect that it does very well is create believable characters. They are all flawed – good and bad guys. This makes them relatable and easier for the viewer to get “involved” in the story. There is a range of emotions here. It can be rather dark one moment then light or romantic the next then shifts gears quickly to some heavy duty action (fight choreography is something else). Keeps you on your toes.


What gives the series plenty of rope is the fact that it is not a network series (Netflix). This allows it to be as dark or gritty as it needs to be. Certainly a series worthy of a binge.