RIDM: Montreal International Documentary Festival Preview

ridm-preview-20162With each passing year I realize more and more how important an art form (and yes, it is) documentary film making is.  It truly is an expression of the human condition.  What preoccupies us.  What moves us.  What we love.  Documentaries are the road map that indicate where humans have been and where we are going.


To that end each year RIDM or the Montreal International Documentary Festival brings us the best documentary film has produced over the past year.  This year that means 128 films from 35 different countries with plenty of premieres of the world, Canadian or Quebec varieties.  A new twist this year is that there is now a competitive category for short to medium length films.  All in all there will be 11 awards handed out in four different categories – International Feature, Canadian Feature, International Short and Medium-Length, and Canadian Short and Medium-Length.


Besides the competitive sections there are also other facets of the festival.  Sections such as Special Presentations, Portraits, States of the World, Beyond Boundaries, Beat Dox, Retrospectives, and UXDoc.


RIDM kicks off with Fire at Sea by Gianfranco Rosi b about an Italian island that sees a lot of immigrants and ends with Freelancer on the Front Lines by Santiago Bertolino about the life of conflict zone journalist Jesse Rosenfeld.


In conjunction with the festival there are also things other than film screenings happening.  Things like roundtables, debates, concerts, lectures, and interactive installations.


Additional Information:

-Dates:  November 10 – 20, 2016

-Venues:  Cinema du Parc, Cinémathèque Québécoise, Concordia University, Pavillon Judith Jasmin Annexe

-Website:  www.ridm.qc.ca

-Ticket Purchase:  www.ridm.qc.ca or www.lavitrine.com

-Ticket Prices:  RIDM PASS

Regular $120

Students and Seniors $90


Regular $50

Students and Seniors $40


Up to one hour before screening

Service charge applies to all online purchases

Regular $12.00

Students and Seniors $9.50

STUDENTS: you must show your student card

SENIORS: age 65 and up, photo ID required

UXdoc Space $5

UXdoc Space – Assisted navigation $12.00

Groups (10 or more) $8.00

Family screenings $5.00

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