Indina Menzel – idina.

idina-idinaI’ll lay it all out on the table right from the beginning – the reason anyone would buy an Idina Menzel album is the powerful voice she possesses. A review of the music, arrangements, song selection is all rather pointless. It is all about the voice and way she delivers the words. Serving that goal are the songs selected. They are all rather intimate and touching allowing the voice and actress to really assume different roles while delivering the vocals. I dare you not to be moved/wowed/astounded by the Mariah-like high note at the end of the song “Queen of Swords”. Her voice is enough but when you really listen you realize there is content there as well. You catch on that she has lived the words she is singing and that the songs are personal. A window into her life. Idina co-wrote most of the songs on the album. You can tell it has been a tough haul of late and that voice of hers really cements that. Sonically it is a combo of pop and rock and uptempo and ballads. Of course, the ballads are where her voice really shines.

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