Banks – The Altar

banks-the-altarDark and confessional. That sums up Banks’ latest album. The Altar is the follow-up to Goddess and there has been change that has happened. The first was filled with ballads whereas this one has more up-tempo (yet still dark lyrically) numbers of the electro-pop variety. It still is filled with atmospheric music despite the heavier reliance on electronics. The arrangements are amazing! She uses her powerful voice less as a weapon and more as a conveyor of the emotions of the song. As I am writing this I am about to crown her as the queen of modern emo music. It also makes me think that the songs on the album are going to be great in a live setting with all the emotion. Meaning that even without all the electronic elements – stripped down – that the bones of the songs here like “Lovesick” are so strong that they will be astounding live.

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