connor-oberst-ruminationsTwenty years ago his recording career began. Now Connor Oberst is releasing his seventh album, Ruminations. Just like the title of the album would lead you to believe the songs are all rather personal thoughts about life. He had a health scare not that long ago and that made it onto the song “Counting Sheep”. Deep and heartfelt. Even verging on sad. A man laying his heart and soul raw in front of you. Nothing fun happening here. Unlike most of what you will hear on radio today, but that is not a bad thing. You can tell that he wrote this during a time where he was trapped in his house due to a blizzard. The sound is largely acoustic with just spare instrumentation like piano, harmonica and acoustic guitar surrounding his voice. Poetry surrounded by pure melodies. Most of the melodies will haunt you (in a good way) upon hearing them. For longtime fans none of this will come as a shock. Sounds like old school Connor Oberst. He has gone back to the beginning.