The Lucy Show: The Complete Series

the-lucy-show-the-complete-seriesLucille Ball was the queen of comedy. During the entire run of this series it was a Top 10 hit. She was for many years America’s favourite redhead and probably one of the most beloved comedic actresses ever. Lucille Ball had a flair for comedy that you don’t see every day. It is difficult but she made it seem simple.

Rarely do you get the opportunity to watch an entire classic series in sequence, one great episode after the last. Here you can immerse yourself in the genius that was Lucille Ball. No matter the situation or the actor(s) she shares the screen with. The magic is always there. Travel down memory lane.

Throughout the entire second season Lucy Carmichael (played by Lucille Ball) goes up time and time again against Theodore J. Mooney (played by Gale Gordon), the bank president. Mr. Mooney controls Lucy’s trust fund and rules it with an iron fist, which dismays Lucy because she always wants more money for something. The cycle goes on and on as Lucy keeps asking for advances and Mr. Mooney keeps refusing her.

The third season was one with plenty of changes occurring. Unfortunately the third season was the last one for Lucy’s faithful sidekick Vivian Vance. She is slowly replaced by Ann Sothern playing Lucy’s friend the Countess Framboise. While she is decent on the show she is no Viv. The kids of Lucy and Viv are also making their adieus. The comedy is still of the classic slapstick variety that no one can do like Lucille Ball.

Television’s favourite redhead continues with her usual amount of hijinx, crazy schemes and hilarity in season four. This season she has moved to Southern California and soon discovers, much to her dismay and his, that she will still have to deal with Mr. Mooney, as he works at the bank she has deposited her money in. Her kids are off at school so that means more time for Lucy to get in trouble. Bad news for everyone.

In season five, plenty of fun results when she gets together with her blustering sidekick Gale Gordon. Guest stars this season include former co-star Vivian Vance, John Wayne, Carole Burnett, and George Burns.

The series ended with season six. You get more of the same with a show that you can sit in front of and laugh and laugh. The perfect situation comedy. Whether she is Milton Berle’s secretary, going back to high school to complete her diploma, dressing up as an old lady, trying to convince Jack Benny to put his money in an underground vault or getting Mr. Mooney fired it is all fun.

Special Features:

Lucille Ball Comedy Hour (51:47)

A Note about Color (1:28)

Let’s Talk to Barry (10:27)

Lucy and the Merm (3:41)

Let’s Talk to Carole (24:27)

Clip from CBS The Stars’ Address (3:17)

Opening Night (4:25)

Recovered Cast Commercial (0:39)


Meet Jess Oppenheimer

Guest Cast

Photo Gallery

Vintage Elements

New Interview with Lucy Arnaz

Seven Wonderful Nights

Premiere Promo

Clips from Opening Night

Let’s Talk To Jimmy

Collecting The Memories

“Lucy in London” (54:17)

Lucy In London Revisited (28:56)

Affiliates Sketch (3:35)

The Victor Borge Comedy Theatre (8:29)

CBS Promo (1:04)

Smile Pretty (1:33)

25 Years of Savings Bonds (7:33)

Lucy Wins An Emmy (2:15)

Bloopers (1:31)

Original Broadcasts

Guest Cast

Production Notes

Photo Gallery

Keep Smiling (1:42)

Special Footage (1:39)

Youth Appreciation Week (2:02)

Lucy Goes Italian (25:33) r.

Original Broadcasts

Fashions by Stevenson

The Carol Burnett Show (3:13)

Meet Jack Baker

Lucy Wins An Emmy (2:16)

Funny Outtakes (3:54)

Here’s Lucy promo (1:09) f


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