MIGS16 Brings Everything Cutting Edge in the Gaming Industry

migs16Everything you needed to know about today’s gaming world was contained in former Sony executive and now CEO at Iron Galaxy Studios Adam Boyes’ opening keynote speech.  He spoke about how this was the time of gaming’s gold rush.  With all the technological advances and innovations now happening within the gaming industry changes happen at breakneck pace.  Terribly exciting for those who work within the industry or are game players.


That being said, the Montreal International Game Summit happened for three days just recently and was jammed packed with interesting games to try, workshops to attend, parties to network at, and job opportunities to seek out.  Learning and job opportunities were the name of the game November 13-15 at Palais des Congès.  Big budget developers and publishers were on hand realizing that to maintain the growth in this fast paced industry they would have to reach out to the public and especially those out there with talent.


Without a doubt the biggest thing happening was virtual or augmented reality.  This is the hottest development in the gaming industry right now.  For game players it opens a whole bunch of possibilities and makes your game more immersive.  Whereas for programmers virtual reality is a pain in the butt.  As designer Atanas Raykov told us the user interface creates many more challenges for those trying to create a game using VR.


That is just one example of things that were brought up or presented at MIGS16 that you might not have thought about unless you work in the industry.  Having that many designers, executives and marketers in one building presented plenty of opportunities for gamers or those looking to get into the industry.


Master classes were given that were geared towards industry professionals.  The classes covered such interesting topics as world building, sound design and special effects in film and videogames.  Besides the classers there were tons of seminars, panels and conferences to take in.  New this year was one-on-one mentoring opportunities which gave the inexperienced a chance to learn about pitching games to a client.


migs163In the Expo Zone were a variety of different booths featuring companies like WB Games, phi., EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Rubika, and Epic Games.  Each featured games you could try out and professionals you could speak to.  All were very enthusiastic with their love of what they do coming through loud and clear.  Many of the booth had fun little giveaways (pens, toys, etc.) or candy to give you the sugar rush needed to work your way through the three days.


Hundreds of professionals from this industry were on hand sharing information and learning from one another.  This is the largest conference of its type on the east coast of North America.  The place to be.  A wide range of themes and issues in the video game industry worldwide such as VR/AR, eSports, streaming, influencer marketing as well as showcasing the success stories of Indie studios took place.


Some of the talks or demos might have seemed a little dull to average joes, but for gaming enthusiasts what happened over the 72 hours was like utopia.  What was quite refreshing is that they didn’t paint the gaming world with a rainbow and hearts brush.  It was presented warts and all.  Problems, restrictions, frustrations, and failures were discussed.  Made the gaming industry seem a lot more human.

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