Swedish Artist Ms. Henrik Set to Release His Debut Album

ms-henrik-fake-and-copy2A single shamelessly soaked in ’80s and ’90s influences like New Order, Gary Numan, Sundara Karma and a few shades of Bowie too” – Complex UK


“With new single ‘Banshee’ it’s clear that where Ms. Henrik leads, others will follow. Bristling synth pop with an explosive sense of energy, it’s shaped by outlandish melody and a stunning sense of imagination.”  – Clash Magazine


Following the release of his latest addictive single Like Lovers Do, Swedish pop star in the making Ms. Henrik is releasing his debut LP Fake and Copy. Henrik has recently been the talk of the town with his signature glam aesthetic and Oscar– esque 80’s glitzy pop vibe. Focusing on promoting and highlighting LGBT issues, Ms. Henrik is the perfect androgynous role model that the world of music needs. I can promise you this, you’ll think of Henrik every time you see that signature red lipstick, which FYI, he’s now released his own range of lipsticks. Seriously, is there anything he can’t do?


A standout on the album has to be the ridiculously catchy Like Lovers Do. Bringing us vibrant synth-pop sounds from Tegan and Sara– this is modern day pop music in its most flamboyant and relevant form- what’s not to love? After listening, you’ll realize there really is no one who vocally sounds quite like Ms. Henrik- his sound rightfully reflects his individuality.


Banshee is a fun track that will have one’s head moving. It won’t be because of its intensity. It’ll be because of its laid back yet groovy backbone. Ms. Henrik’s sound rightfully reflects his individuality which is not in-your-face in any way. It just is, straight forward, unapologetic, and surprisingly easy-listening. As the sonic comparisons vary between Sundara Karma, Oscar, Matiaz Tellez  and even Friendly Fires, it’s interesting how everyone hears such variety of influences in this simple and unperturbed piece of music.


The LP contains a broad spectrum of sounds, with Cut Down On Everyone being one of the many standout tracks. The piece takes a mellower route than some of the others, with Ms. Henrik’s distinctive vocals pouring out the relatable lyrics. The song has some cool 90’s influences, but don’t be fooled – it’s very much a modern and relevant piece.


Fake and Copy will be available on the 18th November 2016.


01)   Fake What You Feel (03.42)

02)   Like Lovers Do (04.00)

03)   Never Put Your Guns Down (03.23)

04)   When Mike Watt Lost D. Boon (02.54)

05)   Blessed Are The Bald Men (03.30)

06)   Cut Down On Everyone (03.26)

07)   Get The Hate (03.36)

08)   Copy What I Think (4 OB) (02.21)

09)   Banshee (03.11)
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