game-of-thrones-seasons-1-to-6George R.R. Martin wrote a series of best selling fantasy books and they have been adapted into a series on HBO. A terrific series by HBO.  In this world the summer last decades and winters can last a human lifetime. It is a world of the Seven Kingdoms and ruled over by the man that sits on the Iron Throne. The north is frozen, the south is powerful, the east is a violent place and an ancient towering wall protects the kingdom from what lies beyond. Like most kingdoms the Seven Kingdoms is filled with deceit, betrayal, honor, control, nobility, and victory. It all makes for great television.

They go big in Game of Thrones. Whichever well they go to it will not leave you unaffected. Rarely a moment in the series goes by without you feeling something. Disturbed, shocked, aroused or disgusted. In other words loads of fun is to be had in this series. The pacing, sets, costumes, acting, writing and direction are all masterful.

The first season based on George R.R. Martin hit series of novels was a smash success. Game of Thrones was one of the highest rated drama series on cable. Filled with twists, interesting characters and cool mythology it had people riveted. Of course, murder, incest and sinful behaviour usually does do the trick when done well. This incredibly adult series is done well – script, direction, set, costumes and acting is all great. Be warned that there is plenty of graphic sex and violence, so if you are easily offended stay away.

The battle amongst the families of the Seven Kingdoms continues along its ruthless and blood soaked path. All the elements of a good story are there with betrayal, the struggle for power, victories, disputes, reunions, madness, heartache and drama making it a very watchable series. Though there are many characters each one is so richly developed and interesting that you won’t mind it a bit.

A huge, huge television series. Not only in regards to popularity but also in scope. A wise decision was made in regards to dividing the third book A Storm of Swords into two seasons. The decision has worked out in that this is a very strong collection of episodes. Everything is clicking – cinematography, writing, acting, costumes, sets and production design are all right on the mark. Has definitely solidified its place amongst the strongest television shows on right now.

Without going much into the details of the story let me warn you that you that it once again proves that the viewer can never get too comfortable while watching it. The expected rarely happens in this series and that is what makes it great. Big characters are killed off and storylines are introduced without a second thought of upsetting or shocking those watching. It is unpredictable and that is what keeps you coming back. That, plus the excellent cast, realistic sets and costumes, strong dialogue, and sure handed direction.


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