L’odyssée des illusions by Jean Lemire

lodysee-des-illusionA man who spent the last 25 years on the water.  The different waters on the planet.  Over that time he has come to the conclusion that in the future social and ecological justice has to be more of a priority for the human race. Respect for one another and respect for the planet.  He is looking for the answers to the big environmental issues.


Jean Lemire is an explorer who dreamed of the studying the world’s oceans.  Once that happened he spent his time on the oceans thinking about the great questions of life.  At 19 Jean Lemire saw the sea for the first time.  He was immediately under its spell.


As a young man because of his love of birds he studied to become a biologist.  That was the plan but the pull of the water was too strong.  As such, he spent a large part of his life on water studying whales.  Quebec was a great place to do this.


The longer he studied the oceans the more it became apparent that they were suffering due to humans.  He saw the number of fish in the area dwindle due to overfishing.  Then began to realize that exploitation of the sea would spread through different ecosystems all over the planet.  From that time on he decided to try and warn people of the dangers involved in destroying the balance of the natural world of the planet.


Through his expertise tracking whales he began to make money working with filmmakers.  This work and some fundraising led to him purchasing a ship he called the Sedana IV.  From the year 2000 he has gone on lengthy expeditions aboard this ship.  Lemire used his journals to look back at his life’s work and the trips he took.


The writing in this coffee table sized book is sometimes philosophical and existential.  He makes a connection between the personal and scientific theories.  His observations on the changes that have happened over the time he has been working are frank and eye opening.  Words are not minced yet filled with emotion.  The only conclusion that you can come to reading L’odyssée des illusions is that the time is right now for action and a change in behaviour before the damage becomes irreparable.  Never allowing it to become too dark, Lemire is a positive persona and believes that through communication and education a change is going to come.


Conveying the beauty to be found on the planet is a job accomplished by the marvelous photographs. They alone are reason enough to buy this book.


Additional Information:

Publisher:  Les Éditions La Presse

ISBN:  978-2-89705-502-8

Number of Pages:  216

Size:  11 x 10 ½

Release Date:  October 27, 2016

Price:  $39.95

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