korn-serenity-of-sufferingTwenty-three years and twelve albums into their career Korn has now come out with the heaviest album of the bunch. Interesting. I say interesting because they have gone through so many incarnations or sounds. Metal, disco, goth and even dubstep. Phew! Everything about it is loud and verging on scary. From the guitars that shred their way through riffs and Jonathan Davis’s shrieking vocals it is all in your face and impossible to ignore. The lads in the band are smart enough to have the frontal assault on your ears tempered with some rather smooth and melodic moments. “Black is the Soul” and “A Different World” (featuring Corey Taylor of Slipknot) are examples of this. What I will say is that though it is loud it is really not much different from what we heard from the band pre-2007. Meaning there is not real growth or maturity going on.  Solid outing that could have been more with a little more experimentation