House of Lies: The Final Season

All good things come to an end and I was firmly in the small but strident this was a good series camp. It involves a lot of fun stuff to watch like sex, nudity, quick, witty dialogue, crazy situations, high pace and laughs. Even with all those goodies it has not connected with a ton of viewers.


In an effort to be completely transparent, it is not an easy show to watch. That is because none of the main characters are completely likeable. They all are looking out for number one and willing to do just about anything to get ahead. Even things they find unpalatable. Much of that is due to the jobs they have chosen. That world is cut throat and dark (at times). In all honesty it is at times hard to feel sympathy for or relate to the 1%. It also tackles or has tackled hot button topics like interracial relationships, gender identity, police brutality, white privilege and pot industry. Meaning it likes to push said buttons. The way they make it easier is that all is looked at with some humour and a high level of honesty.


A highlight is the last couple of episodes which were filmed in Havana, Cuba, making House of Lies the first American show to be filmed in that country. Guest stars this season include John Cho, Wanda Sykes, Ken Marino, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Donald Faison.


house-of-lies-the-final-seasonKaan & Associates have found a way to get back to the top of the consulting firm pile. As difficult as that was.  Now they have to try and remain there in this dog eat dog world. More succinctly, they have to try to increase their worth and profile because Marty Kaan (played by Don Cheadle) is thinking of selling the firm so he and Jeannie (played by Kristen Bell) can step off the gerbil wheel to raise their child. Which does not thrill Doug (played by Josh Lawson) or Clyde (played by Ben Schwartz), who stand to gain nothing from the sale.


As far as their personal lives go, Marty and Jeannie are dealing with dating new people. Doug is thrilled that his new girlfriend has gotten him a Ted Talk. Clyde is working outside the firm with a Los Angeles mayoral candidate.

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