Shopkins Chef Club

shopkins-chef-clubShopkins is something that plenty of young kids today (especially girls) are obsessed with. They will be thrilled when you give them this but be prepared to watch it over and over. As an adult it will be quite annoying though on the plus side will keep them quiet for a bit.


Shopville is in a tizzy because Chef Club has arrived in town. Everyone wants to become a part of it but desire to be a part of it isn’t enough. You have to have skills in the kitchen. Plenty of Shopkin pals group together to try and succeed at the three cooking/baking tests.


Things get a little messy when Bubbleisha feels neglected. She thinks that she has not been getting the attention she is due. This causes her jealous and scheming side to come out and puts some Shopkins’ places in Chef Club in jeopardy. Will she realize what she is doing isn’t right before it is too late?


This is the first ever Shopkins movie, so you will be a hero if you bring it home. Fun, colourful and bright.

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