Prison Break: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

prison-break-season-oneI was very excited to watch this television series when it came our originally because it was a big hit and I seemed to be the only person on the planet who wasn’t watching it. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed when I did watch it. It was not as riveting or interesting as I hoped. That is not to say that it does not have its moments. Unfortunately for me they were too few and far between. It seemed to me with all its government conspiracy stuff to be a rip off (and a poor one at that) of The X-Files without the aliens. Nothing is as it seems and everyone is evil in this show. It is all a little too far fetched for my tastes. We are even expected to believe that the nice blonde wife from ‘Thirtysomething’ Patricia Wettig is now the evil vice-president of the United States who will go to any lengths to get what she wants.

For those few of you who are not familiar with the show the basic premise is that Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell – Blade: Trinity), the no-good brother, is set up for the murder of the brother of the Vice President of the United States, Caroline Reynolds (Patricia Wettig – City Slickers, Guilty by Suspicion). He is sentenced to die for the crime. His structural engineer brother, the good one, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller – Underworld, The Human Stain), gets himself arrested and placed in the same jail as his brother. Before his arrest Michael, who helped design the jail, has thought up an elaborate escape plan in order to free his brother. Once inside he has less than a month to put the plan in action.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes

-Commentary Tracks

-Alternate Ending for End of the Tunnel Episode

-Making of Prison Break

-If These Walls Could Speak: Profile of the Joliet Correctional Center

-Beyond the Ink

-Fox Movie Channel Presents: Making a Scene – Prison Break

-Promo for Season Two

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