Bridget Jones’s Baby – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

bridget-jones-baby-blu-rayOn the positive side I like how the franchise has allowed Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger – Chicago, Cold Mountain) to age…maybe not gracefully, but she does nothing gracefully and that is what people find endearing…and with age has come some wisdom.  Her life is not so much of a disaster anymore with her health (weight good and cigarette smoking stopped) and career (she is the producer of a television news show) on track.  We do need some material for a movie, though, and as such her romantic life is still up in the air.  By that I mean she doesn’t really have one.  We learn quickly that she and Mark Darcy (Colin Firth – The King’s Speech, Love Actually) are no more and her other great love, Daniel, is recently deceased.  Cue zany romantic comedy involving middle aged people.


In just as short order in honour of her 43rd birthday, her colleague and friend, Miranda (Sarah Solemani – Mrs. Henderson Presents), offers to take her away for a fun weekend.  What comes as a shock to Bridget is that the weekend is actually the Glastonbury Music Festival.  They will be spending the weekend camping in a yurt and hopefully hooking up.  Despite her doubts about the whole thing Bridget does manage a hook up with an age appropriate and very handsome stranger.  She is back on the having sex horse.

Seemingly when it rains it pours because within a week she also manages a night of passion with her ex Mark.  Though feeling better about herself in this regards, Bridget does not believe either night will lead to anything.  Boy is she wrong.  That is because she soon finds out she is pregnant and her ob/gyn Dr. Rawlings (Emma Thompson – Nanny McPhee, Saving Mr. Banks) cannot tell her whether Mark or Glastonbury hook up and billionaire internet mogul Jack (Patrick Dempsey – from television’s Grey’s Anatomy) is the father.


Now she has to adjust to the idea of being a pregnant, single, 43-year-old as well as break the news to her Mum (Gemma Jones – Bridget Jones’s Diary, Sense and Sensibility) and Dad (Jim Broadbent – Moulin Rouge!, Gangs of New York) as well as figure out a way to tell the two men one of them but not the other is baby’s daddy.  Never a dull moment with Bridget!


I was quite worried at the beginning of the film as everything seemed to not be working.  Zellweger’s acting was shaky at best and most of the humour was falling flat.  Then it seemed like everyone involved shook off the rust and settled into the comedy groove.  While this film is not going to blow the barn doors off it ends up providing enough laughs and other enjoyable moments.


Lots of those moments involved Brit actors Firth and Thompson.  Firth is note perfect as his repressed and understated barrister and every time Thompson, in a supporting role, comes onscreen it is like a breath of fresh air.  Both have that ability to elevate average material like few other actors working today.


Let’s not kid ourselves what anyone comes to a Bridget Jones movie for is the laughs.  And for the most part they were well executed.  Thompson, who co-wrote the screenplay, has several great and dry in the way only Brits can do well lines.  There is also some humour of the slapstick variety with the scene of Mark and Jack carrying an in labour Bridget through a revolving door being the pinnacle.


To sum things up in one line this is an enjoyable feel good film that critics won’t rave about.  That being said, certain segments of the public will enjoy their night out at the movies watching Bridget Jones’s Baby

Special Features:

  • Alternate Ending
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes
  • Full Circle: The Making of Bridget Jones’s Baby – A multi-part documentary on the making of Bridget Jones’s Baby featuring interviews with cast and crew including:
    • RenĂ©e Returns
    • The Difference that 15 Years Makes
    • Bridget’s Boys
    • In London, In Love
    • Sharon’s Show: The Director




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