sting-57th-and-9thThis is a return to his rock roots for the Englishman in New York, Sting. Of late he has dabbled in dance, jazz, world and adult contemporary music. On 57th & 9th he is a rocker once again. It is an album built upon guitars. It was also created in a short period of time almost jam band-like in a couple weeks in the studio with musicians he has played with before. The result is an album that is free flowing though tight with plenty of musical muscle. Though you cannot expect him to purge all his interests from his music as there are some Middle Eastern influences on the track “Inshallah”, “One Fine Day” deals with his dedication to the climate and on “If You Can’t Love Me” he shows his teaching background with the Kafka influenced lyrics. The ruminating poet will always be there. Though he never allows his loftier aspirations and intellect overwhelm. Meaning it always comes back to rock with tracks like furious sounding “Petrol Head” and pounding “50,000”, a tribute to his recently fallen comrade in arms, Prince. A nice treat are the liner notes that give you some insight into the man, what the songs mean and what preoccupies him.