The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

the-twilight-zone-the-complete-seriesFive seasons of odd stuff. 156 episodes of the Rod Serling classic television show. All in high definition to make the scary or creepy or odd even more vibrant.


Some television series do not stand the test of time. Especially when so much time has passed. The series is in black and white. The stories are good. Strong storytelling with some subtle social messages. Yes, the special effects are a little weak when you look at it with today’s eyes but not enough to ruin everything. Type of show that young and old can watch and get some enjoyment out of.


Science fiction is a tricky genre to do well. It can go very cheesy. This one avoided all the pitfalls by being innovative in its storytelling. They also do not allow things to get stagnant by changing up the types of stories told. Expect the unexpected watching this.


Keep eyes open for cool guest stars like Art Carney, William Shatner, Ed Begley Jr., Martin Landau, Ron Howard, Roddy McDowell, Jack Klugman, John Carradine, Sydney Pollack, and Burgess Meredith.


Special Features:

-Unofficial Pilot Episode “The Time Element”

-Original Unaired Pilot Version “Where is Everybody”

-Audio Commentaries


-Rod Serling’s Audio Lectures

-Promos for Next Week’s Show

-Radio Dramas

-Sponsor Billboards

-Isolated Music Scores




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