91ddjm1zhul-_sl1500_In this collection you get the last episodes of the first half of season four of the television series. They are back in New York City and get back together with friends and enemies. All are worried about April (voiced by Mae Whitman) as she does not seem herself. Their prime foe, Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), is more horrible and evil than ever. The Turtles are back from space and ready to fight for Earth.

  1. The Ever-Burning Fire – The Turtles seemingly fight the impossible in order to obtain the final Black Hole Generator piece.
  2. Earth’s Last Stand – The Turtles finally arrive back on Earth where Fugitoid tells them something awful from his past he kept secret.
  3. City at War – April is now a Kunoichi and has a new enemy to fight. The Turtles have to battle some old enemies.
  4. Broken Foot – Karai has a new ally in Leo, which puts the Turtle in plenty of danger.
  5. The Insecta Trifecta – The Turtles have to go up against Stockman-Fly’s insect minions which is difficult for Raphael due to his fear of insects.
  6. Mutant Gangland – The Turtles are tracked down by Don Vizioso’s gang, who have in their possession a lot of Anti-Mutant weapons.
  7. Bat in the Belfry – Mikey makes new friends in two superheroes, who are not your typical ones, named Wingnut and Screwloose.

Everything you would expect from the Turtles – fun, action, jokes, pizza, and lessons to be learnt.

Special Features:

-Turtle Zipper Pull