Changing things up a little is okay. That is if you still stick to what got you there. For Barbie that means tweaking things a little while still making her relatable, fun and responsible. This time there is no bad guy to battle against or teach a lesson to. This is a lighter Barbie. No saving the world just good clean fun and having to work together to get something done.


For parents out there the adventure or searching for the puppies will remind you of an Indiana Jones film or Goonies. While you won’t want to watch it more than once (but in all honesty which kids’ film do you?), but the first viewing is not too painful.


barbie-and-her-sisters-in-a-puppy-chaseChelsea’s big dance competition is just around the corner. Barbie, the girls and all their pets are on their way to the beautiful island it is happening when they decide to take a little side trip. The side trip is for the best of reasons as they want to see the Dancing Horse Festival which is taking place quite near to where they are going.


While there all their pets go missing. It is now up to the sisters to find all their pets before Chelsea’s dance competition begins. The puppies are all off on an adventure of their own. Working together is the only way the sisters are going to accomplish what they need to.


Special Features:


-“Live in the Moment” Movie Video

-Barbie Dreamtopia: “Wispy Forest”

-Barbie Dreamtopia: “Rainbow Cove”

-Digital Copy