miranda-lambert-the-weight-of-these-wingsMiranda Lambert has over the past couple of years seen her career explode, her marriage to fellow country singer Blake Shelton end and her finding new love with boyfriend Anderson East. Busy lady with plenty happening to fill 24 country songs. That means, like the tone set by the black and white album cover photography, that there is plenty of different types of nostalgia to be found on her latest. First it is a sprawling double album of the sorts that used to be recorded in 70s rock. Thematically it is her breakup album. With one disc entitled “The Nerve” and the other “The Heart”. Songs aplenty about getting back up on your feet after a romantic relationship has ended. What is refreshing though is that instead of playing the part of the brokenhearted and wrecked woman there is plenty of steely resolve in Lambert. Whether it be lyrically, vocally or in the sometimes crunchy guitar solos; she is not a woman who is going to be in the fetal position in a dark corner. No wallowing; it is just some pick yourself up by your bootstraps kind of feeling. Even the four covers are impeccably selected of the old school vein and include Kris Kristofferson’s “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down”, Danny O’Keefe’s “Covered Wagon” and Shake Russell’s “You Wouldn’t Know Me”. Move on with Miranda Lambert.