Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

71wi9hu1zrl-_sl1204_At certain points in popular music history there has been artists who have been so hot or popular that they could not do anything wrong. You just have to think back to Elvis Presley, Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and more recently Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. No matter what song sound or subject he comes out with it shoots to the top of the chart. “Uptown Funk” was a huge hit off his last album and he put on a mammoth Super Bowl halftime show. Does he feel he pressure due to his success? Apparently not. He comes back with an album that is even bigger and funkier. Think Marvin Gaye or James Brown for this generation. This time out he dips into the more recent past for his inspiration. Nineties is what 24K Magic is all about. Nineties music from the likes of Boyz II Men, Bobby Brown and Bell Biv DeVoe. Urban swing. It is fun and gets you up on the dance floor with no other ulterior motives. It doesn’t want you to think. Just react. It is all an appealing collection of overdubs, funk and ear worms. You cannot help but have a smile plastered all over you face while listening to “Finesse”, “Perm” and title track “24K Magic”. There is also the allure embedded within that you if you listen and dance to this you will be cooler than the next guy. It abounds in swagger and instills it into you. Bruno Mars is a wise man. He has carved out his own niche in the music industry and made it profitable. Very profitable.

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