a1jeo4bnlal-_sl1500_Once a teen idol it is hard to shed that baggage. It seems like Jonas Brothers have taken major steps towards doing just that. Nick is successful solo career going and Joe has formed the band DNCE. Both are trying to prove that they are more than teen idols who were famous for their promise rings. Though with full disclosure Joe’s new band is made up of two musicians who used to tour with the Jonas Brothers. That is not necessarily a bad thing, though, as they obviously liked working with the guy and share his musical sensibilities. DNCE’s debut self-titled outing is filled with fun and sexy pop music that leans towards funk. They have started things off with a huge hit with their debut single “Cake by the Ocean”, a completely silly but undeniably catchy pop ditty. If you were anywhere near a radio in 2016 then you heard this song played over and over for months. Now Joe Jonas not only has to try and shed his boy band reputation but also prove that he and DNCE are more than one hit wonders. I think their full-length debut (they had previously released an EP) proves just that. They seem to know what people want and give it to them. Over and over. The album is filled with suggestive lyrics and cheesiness. No judgement here as someone has to fill that void. But it does wear a bit thin after a half dozen songs or so. Though you cannot get too mad at DNCE because it is plain they are just having fun and not taking themselves or their music too seriously.

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