Gosh, but I am a fan of historical dramas. Love ’em! Of course, if they are done well. This is done well. So I lapped it up like I would a great album or stunning painting.

The year is 1667 in France and Louis XIV (played by George Blagden) is the king. He, at the tender age of 28, feels he is losing his power over the people and most especially the wealthy in his court. In order to regain his stature he decides to move his court to Versailles. Out of Paris and into the countryside. From the glitz and glamour of the City of Lights to his father’s former hunting lodge. Despite their lack of enthusiasm about the move they have no choice but follow the king. The smaller confines of the new castle brings about a lot of conflict amongst the members of the court. Secrets, war and politics take the forefront. There are those who would like to overthrow the king. Versailles becomes a place that witnesses both glory and brutality. Loyalty and disloyalty.

81xlqxpcscl-_sl1500_Are the elements are there to make this a very watchable series. The sets are beautiful and the costumes are lavish. Though the story is not exactly totally historically accurate (remember this is entertainment and not a history lesson) but it remains believable. Everything goes along at a fairly fast pace as to not allow any boredom to set in. All actors turn in good performances with the central element of Louis the XIV by George Blagden being the strongest. Everything turns around his portrayal of the young king and he really does a good job showing him gaining his confidence while becoming as conniving as some of the members of his court.

Do be warned that this contains plenty of adult content. There are plenty of sex scenes as is typical of historical drama series. Louis XIV had plenty of mistresses and his dalliances with them are graphically portrayed here. The flip side of the coin is usually violence in these types of series and here there is not as much as can be seen elsewhere. At least so far.