71pmrqw2xl-_sl1200_On his third album Childish Gambino (or Donald Glover) shows that he is not just an actor, screenwriter and rapper but a pretty good song writer as well. Definitely a well-rounded artist. He now no longer raps and oddly enough that has improved his songs. His vocals are decent and he retains those great hip hop beats. What’s not to like?!? Demonstrating that he is a fan of and knowledgeable in regards to hip hop, Awaken, My Love! sounds like it was heavily influenced by OutKast. One just has to listen to the track “Me and Your Mama” to hear what I am alluding to with its gospel style chorus. The first single off the album is its strongest moment. All six minutes of it is great. Also, the album goes further back in music history for the track “Boogieman” to pay homage to the style made famous by George Clinton. Funk is not something he just toys with as it is back making an appearance on “Baby Boy” and “Have Some Love”. Then a Prince style vocal comes out on “Redbone”. It is all rather enthralling and prove that this guy is a true artist. An artist who expresses himself in many ways, using the past and future to make his music.