With all the young adult crap that has been coming out of late I felt rather dubious about watching this series based on the 26-volume book series by Terry Brooks. After having very quickly watched the first season I find myself wanting more. That is a good sign. No matter the reason you want to see more, whether it be visuals, story or acting, that is what each series creator is looking for. That is the white rabbit they are chasing. Now, I don’t want to make it seem like this is Shakespeare or even Scorsese, for that matter, but it is entertaining.

the-shannara-chronicles-season-oneThe Four Lands have been in a state of peace for a good long while. After the human propelled war and subsequent holocaust, there remained four species of note – elves, trolls, gnomes and rovers. Peace has been maintained for several decades with the elves being the top of the heap. Suddenly all this is threatened when a tree starts dying.

The Ellcrys is not just any tree. It is a magical tree that in each leave there contains a demon and then the ultimate demon – the Dagda Mor. As it starts dying each falling leave releases a demon. Thus is the impetus of a quest for three previously unconnected young people. A deadly quest for elven princess Amberle (played by Poppy Drayton), orphaned half-elf Wil (played by Austin Butler) and thief Eretria (played by Ivana Baquero). Deadly and deadly serious as they are going on the quest in order to save the world. No pressure there!

Usually what MTV churns out is schlock. Again not saying that this will be played at the Globe Theatre in London, but it is worth your time. My enjoyment of it might be because I knew nothing of the story. Had never read the books nor knew anything about the story. Possibly. This is not Game of Thrones, but it is not Inkheart or The Golden Compass either. It exists somewhere in the world in between the two. The characters are engaging. The story is solid. The action is cool. Gives you all the imagination that fantasy is beloved for.

Special Features:

-The Shannara Chronicles: Behind the Scenes

-Making of the Dagda Mor

-Exploring New Zealand

-Terry Brooks Interview