Weird thing is that though this series has gone on for five seasons so far I honestly don’t know anyone who watches it. Hmmm…Thinking about it now there are several odd things about this HBO series. One is that despite the fact that it is called Girls and basically about the lives of several young female friends they are basically annoying and sometimes even unlikable. You end up liking the guys on the show a whole lot better. A strange approach really.

girls-season-fiveIn general, the show is about a group of 20-something females growing up in New York and the ups and downs of their lives. The challenges of life, career and relationships forms the center of the show. It is all taken from series creator and actress Lena Dunham’s real life.

This season Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) has put her writing career on the back burner and begun teaching like the guy she has started seeing, Fran (played by Jake Lacy). Marnie (played by Allison Williams) is torn between the desire to be in the perfect relationship and the need for her own space. The whole being a wife and domesticated is causing her some problems. Jessa (played by Jemima Kirke) is seeing someone new and working towards becoming a therapist. Shoshanna (played by Zosia Mamet) is living and working in Japan while trying to maintain a long distance relationship with Scott (played by Jason Ritter). This is made a little more difficult when she finds herself attracted to her boss.

Though a lot of these situations sound relatable an annoying aspect is that they lean towards the over the top and as such become almost cartoonish. A strength is the dialogue in that it does sound like what would come out of the mouths of 20-somethings. Also, that Dunham seems to not shy away from uncomfortable things or topics. The entire show exists in a world nestled between humour and discomfort.

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