frightened rabbit painting of a panic attackBritish bands/artists seem to have an easier time breaking through in North America than those from the other countries of the UK. Frightened Rabbit is a Scottish band that deserves a lot more recognition than they have received up to this point. This album from last year should grant them more access to music fans over here because it is solid. High production values and strong songs aid greatly. As a rock band they are quite accessible. Music of the people. Showing their ongoing evolution as musicians there are no songs of the twelve that you will want to skip over. There is no arguing that about half of the album is more commercial with the other half being darker and less like what you might hear on radio. Hooks and melody are throughout, though, which is typical of this band. Each song has a nice groove then some rather nuanced lyrics. If you are a fan of the National then Frightened Rabbit is a band you should check out.