An attempt to take this age old romance story and drag it into the modern world is what this television series is. In this version you get a female cop and a former Navy S.E.A.L. who had experiments done on him that turned him into a super soldier…or the beast. In some ways it works while in other moments it is a little too much and repetitive.

beauty and the beast the final seasonThis season is the final one and so you know (or hope) that they will wrap things up. It begins with Cat (played by Kristen Kreuk) and Vincent (played by Jay Ryan) in Paris on their honeymoon. They are trying their best to be a “normal” couple. That comes to a crashing halt when they realize that an assassin is hunting Vincent.

Things do not get any better once they return to New York City. While trying to connect as a couple, work in their demanding jobs and figure out who has put a price on Vincent’s head. All this puts a strain on the newlyweds as well as their friendships with Tess (played by Nina Lisandrello), J.T. (played by Austin Basis) and Cat’s sister, Heather (played by Nicole Gale Anderson).

Action and romance is not a bad combo. Something stereotypically for the guys and romance to draw in the ladies. You might not like everything about the series but you will like enough to keep interested in the goings on.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel

-Season in Review: Farewell to the Beast

-Closing a Chapter: A Fond Farewell