run the jewels 3Rap music grew out of protest. Now seems like the perfect time for a protest album. Enter Run the Jewels with their third album. Killer Mike and El-P are back for another kick at the can. This time they have created a body of work which seems like a well-written op-ed piece for Huffington Post. It just has a journalistic feel to it and I don’t mean that in a good way. Run the Jewels 3 contains issues that are on everyone’s minds in the United States right now like politics, race relations/racism, activism and drugs. the bombastic lyrics are accompanied by great hooks and melodies. Sometimes you will just have to pause to allow the glorious beats sink in. Each track hits hard with these two not pulling any punches. All songs move forward in a frantic and explosive style for the most part. Cool guest appearances by female rapper Trina, Zack de la Rocha, saxophonist Kamasi Washington, Boots and Danny Brown.