flaming lips oczyFor their 14th album this alternative rock act has done a rock opera called Oszy Melody. The story centers around a drug that you take that makes you sleep for three months while dreaming of having sex with unicorns. Now, for those out there who are not familiar with the Flaming Lips then this might be shocking, but for fans this is totally in their wheelhouse. Alongside this slightly freaky storyline is music that is surprisingly sparse and leans towards electronic. The introduction to the opera is rather flat and dull. It just drags on in the beginning. Which is too bad because by the time it picks up with the Miley Cyrus (their oft collaborator) aided track, “The Floyd Song (Sunrise)”, many might have tuned out. Cyrus is on the final track called “We a Family” and it is the best of the lot. You have to stick through the slow start to get to it. It is here that will find some light in the dark. Some hopeful moments peek out. You also have to listen to it as a whole to get the total effect. An interesting ask for in a time where unless things are gifs or 140 characters people tend to tune out.