nash bridges the first seasonThis was theoretically Don Johnson’s splashy return to television after his hit series “Miami Vice”. Once again he is playing a law enforcement official – this time he is a police investigator, who is great at his job, but lousy in his personal life. Working in the elite Special Investigations Unit he gets the job done with his street smarts and disarms people with his humour. Not as good or edgy as “Miami Vice”, but a decent watch for fans of the Johnson or the genre.

Episode 1: Genesis: Nash pretends to be a black market computer chip purchaser to break up an illegal ring.

Episode 2: Home Invasion: A gang that specializes in home invasion ups the ante by killing the father in a Chinese family.

Episode 3: Skirt Chasers: Joe (played by Cheech Marin) has to rejoin the Special Investigations Unit due to a pension mishap.

Episode 4: High Impact: Nash is called in to work a bomb threat against Mayor Bobbie Werksman (played by Candie Ann Brown).

Episode 5: The Javelin Catcher: While he is investigating a gang shootout Nash discovers that the weapon of choice is a Javelin, a portable anti-tank weapon recently stolen from the Army.

Episode 6: Vanishing Act: Inspector Harvey Leek (played by Jeff Perry) is about to purchase some heavy industrial equipment from some Russians mobster when he and the $300,000 disappears.

Episode 7: Aloha, Nash: Nash’s late honeymoon with Kelly (played by Serena Scott Thomas) is once again delayed when he has to work a case involving San Francisco’s most prominent bookie and a rogue FBI agent.

Episode 8: Key Witness: Lisa (played by Annette O’Toole) sees a murder, but has no proof that she did.

Special Features:

-Nash Bridges Writers Roundtable Season 1

-On-set Interview with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin

-Audio Commentaries

-Don Johnson and the Original Gonzo Idea

-Season 1 Promo