Something for Everyone – Black History Month 2017

black history month 2017 previewThe coldest and shortest month of the year – February – has been designated Black History Month. Here in Montreal we celebrate it with a variety of events. A range of events that enables everyone to find something they are interested in. Examples include conferences, films, a blood drive, and concerts.

The Black History Month committee has focused the events on entertainment and education. A great introduction or further enlightenment on black culture. Blacks arrived here in the 17th century and have contributed much to the building of this country and city. Along that vein, a tribute will be paid to Viola Desmond, a woman chosen to be on the new $10 bills. Viola Desmond is an activist who in Nova Scotia stood up against racial injustice and whites only seating. The Union United Church will have the spotlight shone on it as it is celebrating its 110th year. It has for that long been a gathering place for Black immigrants, a centre piece of the city’s arts and cultural community and a launching pad of activism within the Montreal black community.

To close out the festivities will be a gala on March 5th at the Olympia Theatre. It will be hosted by Cindy Charles and Gael Comtois and will feature comedian Andrew Seales, Olympic diver Jennifer Abel and musician Kaytranada.

Check out the schedule of events on the Black History Month website.

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