the wild feathers lonely is a lifetimeFor the first time in 3 years the band that many have compared to The Flaming Lips came out with a new album. 2016 signaled a good year for fans of The Wild Feathers as they had some new songs to sink their teeth into. Out of Nashville, the band plays a rip roaring version of guitar pop. They continue down the musical road with their second album filled with catchy melodies and cool harmonies. You can’t help but hum along with songs like “Overnight”, “Goodbye Song” and “Happy Again”. Each song is big and broad sounding with lyrics/vocals that will have you smiling. Positive pop music. Plus the fact that each member seems to be having so much fun playing or singing that you can’t help but be drawn to them. Just enough of a unique sound that they won’t remind you totally of any bands being played on Top 40 radio. There are touches of the Eagles, Del Amitri, Sloan and Pink Floyd, however. Definitely not a band that folded under the pressure of the second album.